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The Multi Reinforcing Plates (Japanese: マルチ補強プレート, Maruchi Hokyō Purēto) are the series of Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since 1997.

They were the series of reinforcing plates, consists of both FRP and CFRP materials.

General info

The multi reinforcing plates featuring the long, straight plate with semi-rectangle corners. There's 3 holes on the center, 2 holes on each ends and 1 hole on each between the center and the end.

Each of the multi reinforcing plate sets includes two sets of reinforcing plates, four of 15 mm screws, four 10 mm screws, four 6 mm screws, eight washers, four 2 mm lock nuts and two full-height aluminum spacers.

Oddly, the regular HG Carbon Reinforcing Plate Set (1.5 mm) and the limited edition silver-colored FRP set only has four 10 mm screws and four truss screws.

So far, Tamiya hasn't release the HG carbon set with 2 mm thickness.

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