Ni-Cd Battery
No. 55020 (2-battery pack)
55042 (8-battery pack)
Release Date 80s
Parts type Battery
Battery Specfication
Type Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
Capacity 500mAh
Voltage 1.2v
Manufacturer(s) Sanyo (A subsidary company of Panasonic)

The Ni-Cd N3-U Battery (Japanese: カドニカ単3型バッテリー, Kadonika Tan 3-gata Batterī) was a battery manufactured by Sanyo (A subsidary company of Panasonic) and released by Tamiya in the 80's. It was the company's first AA-size rechargeable battery.

This battery was meant to power Tamiya's Quick Drive R/C cars. It comes in 2-battery packs and 8-battery packs and is included with certain Tamiya battery chargers.

General info[edit | edit source]

The external of the battery was mostly in gray with N3-U and Tamiya labels on it. later revision of the same battery has the green recycle label on the lower part of the battery.

Compared to the Mini 4WD Ni-Cd Battery, the regular Ni-Cd battery from Tamiya has lower electric output.

However, as with other nickel-cadmium batteries, it suffers from a high self-discharge rate and contains cadmium, the use of which has declined in recent years due to its toxicity. This, along with the memory effect common with other nickel-cadmium batteries, led to it being discontinued and replaced by nickel–metal hydride batteries like the NeoChamp.

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