Nissan Safari
No. 19004
Series Original Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Origin-2 Chassis
Release Date November 16, 1982
The Nissan Safari (Japanese: ニッサン・サファリ, Nissan Safari) is a Original Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on November 16, 1982.

It was based on the third-generation Nissan Patrol (Also known as Safari in Japan) produced from 1980 to 1989 by Nissan, specifically the 2-door pickup variant.

General info Edit

The Nissan Safari features the 4x4 pickup body design, with the rectangle-shaped, mesh-style air intake with circle-shaped headlamps on the front and the vertical rectangle-shaped tall lamps on the rear. There's a bullbar that is attached to its silver-colored front bumper and a non-removable tray shell on the rear of the car.

It was mainly in black, with the blue highlight and white stripes.

It comes with the pickup-2 wheels with block-style tires.

About the real-life vehicle the Mini 4WD car is based on Edit

Introduced in 1980, the third-generation, 160 series Nissan Patrol is a large four-wheel-drive vehicle produced by Nissan. It supersedes the 60 series Patrol models. In Japan, it was released as Nissan Safari.

It is available in 3-door hardtop/softtop, 5-door wagon/van and 2/4-door pickup body designs and has 2WD and 4WD variants.

Powering the car are either the 2.8 liter Nissan L28/L28E straight-6 petrol engines, a 4.0 liter Nissan P40 straight-6 petrol engine, the 3.3 liter Nissan SD33 straight-6 diesel engine or the 3.3 liter Nissan SD33T turbocharged straight-6 diesel engine. The engine is mated to either the 4/5-speed manual transmission or the optional 3-speed Jatco 3N71 automatic transmission. All 160 models has the two-speed offset transfer case.

It was superseded by the fourth-generation Y60 series Patrol for 1987 model year. The 160 series Patrol was also the last Patrol models to carries the Datsun brand in the US, which would not appear on future Nissan vehicles until 2013 when the brand was re-launched for low-cost vehicles.

Technical info Edit

Length: 139 mm

Width: 59 mm

Height: 56 mm

Chassis: Origin-2 Chassis

Gear Set(s): N/A

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