The Origin Chassis (Japanese: 元祖シャーシ, Ganzo Shāshi) is the Mini 4WD chassis released by Tamiya in July 1982. It was the very first Mini 4WD chassis in the history.

General info Edit

The Origin Chassis featuring the bathtub chassis frame, with the motor being mounted longitudinally onto the front and the batteries being placed on the rear. The chassis was designed to have high ground clearance.

The drivetrain consists of one motor pinion gear, one propeller spur gear, two drive worn gears and two driven spur gears. The motor's torques was transfers to the propeller shaft through the motor pinion gear and propeller spur gear, and then transfers to all wheels through the drive worm gears and the driven spur gears. Being having the worn drive gears, the Origin Chassis has extremely high torque, at the expense of the speed.

Currently there are two types of the Origin Chassis: the Origin-1 and the Origin-2. The Origin-1 was only included with Ford Ranger 4x4 Pickup and Chevrolet Pickup 4x4, while the Origin-2 was included with Toyota Hilux 4x4, Nissan Safari and Range Rover. The only difference between the two is the design of the rear bodycatch.

Technical info Edit

Chassis Data
Length 120 mm (approx.)
Width 59 mm
Wheelbase 84 mm (approx.)
Ground Clearance N/A
Driveshaft Length 52 mm (approx.)
Compatible Gear Set(s) N/A (One spur gear plus two worm gears)
Roller Down Thrust Angle N/A
Terminal Type Origin-type
Weight N/A

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