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The Original Mini 4WD (Japanese: ミニ四駆, Mini Yonku) series, simply known as Mini 4WD, Comical Mini 4WD and RV Mini 4WD by Shogakukan's magazines, is the first Mini 4WD car line-up introduced by Tamiya on July 13, 1982.

Unlike the rest of the Mini 4WD series, the mini cars in the Original Mini 4WD line-up wasn't designed for racing as they uses the combination of worm gears and spur gears. All the mini cars in this line-up are licensed real-life vehicles. Featuring in this line-up is the long-wheelbase Origin Chassis and Origin-2 Chassis, the short-wheelbase Comical Chassis, the temporary Cruiser Chassis and the final RV Chassis.

The first four of the Origin Chassis vehicles were also released under the name of Sand Scorchers in the United States, distributed by Model Rectifier Corporation (which also distributed early Racing Mini 4WD cars).

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