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* [[Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Wagon]] (RV Chassis)
* [[Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Wagon]] (RV Chassis)
* [[Suzuki Jimmy Wide]] (RV Chassis)
* [[Suzuki Jimmy Wide]] (RV Chassis)
* [[Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3500]] (RV Chassis)
* [[Mitsubishi Pajero V6 3500]] (RV Chassis){{Navbox Mini 4WD series}}[[Category:Mini 4WD car line-ups]]
[[Category:Mini 4WD car line-ups]]
[[Category:List of Mini 4WD cars]]
[[Category:List of Mini 4WD cars]]

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The Original Mini 4WD (ミニ四駆) series, simply known as Mini 4WD, Comical Mini 4WD and RV Mini 4WD by Shogakukan's magazines, is the first Mini 4WD car line-up introduced by Tamiya in 1982.

Unlike the rest of the Mini 4WD series, the mini cars in the Original Mini 4WD line-up wasn't designed for racing as they uses the combination of worm gears and spur gears. All the mini cars in this line-up are licensed real-life vehicles. Featuring in this line-up is the long-wheelbase Origin Chassis, the short-wheelbase Comical Chassis, the temporary Cruiser Chassis and the final RV Chassis.

List of Mini 4WD cars

Mini 4WD series
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