Parts Case
No. 15065 (Red)
25005 (Mini-F)
15163 (Blue)
15263 (DR)
Release Date 1989 (Red)
1991 (Mini-F)
April 26, 1996 (Blue)
June 21, 2000 (DR)
Parts type Case
The parts cases (Japanese: パーツケース, Pātsu Kēsu) are a series of Mini 4WD storage cases manufactured by Meiho and released by Tamiya since 1989.

It was based on Meiho's Mini Rectangle Case.[1]

General info Edit

The parts case is measured at 120 mm width, 92 mm length and 25mm tall.

The internal of the case was seperated into six sections, each with 20 mm deep. Each of those sections can be used to stores parts for Mini 4WD cars, with one of them long enough for storing the driveshafts and propeller shafts and three of them being big enough for storing the double-shaft motors.

The cover was molded in polypropylene plastic, while the under tray was molded in polystyrene plastic.

Oddly, only the DR Parts Case has its under tray molded in clear smoke rather than semi-clear that the other parts cases has.

The case can be stored in any of the carrying boxes, including Racer's Box, Super Racer's Box, Portable Pit and Carrying Pit.

References Edit

  1. Mini Rectangle Case on Meiho official website (Japanese)

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