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The Plasma-Dash Motor (Japanese: プラズマダッシュモーター, Purazuma Dasshu Mōtā) is a Mini 4WD motor manufactured by SGM and released by Tamiya on December 17, 1996.

It is currently the most powerful motor Tamiya has ever released.

General Info

The motor has the gray-color endbell cap and black-coated metal housing with the Tamiya motor sticker on it. Unique to this motor is the redesigned metal housing, which dissipates heat from inside the motor, resulted in prolonged running life of the motor despite its monstrous performance.

It uses carbon brushes, which is user-replaceable (with the Plasma Dash Brush Holder Set AO parts) without having to dismantle the motor.

The spec of the Plasma Dash Motor is higher than any Mini 4WD motors Tamiya ever released, not even the official-tournament-approved Sprint Dash Motor and Power Dash Motor can keep up.

Due to its overwhelming performance, this along with the Ultra Dash Motor and Jet-Dash Motor has since been banned from Tamiya-sanctioned races.

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