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Before you create a manga and/or anime article, you must always begin with the {{DISPLAYTITLE:''(Insert article name here)''}} magic word and then the {{Infobox_Anime_and_Manga_work}} template. After adding them into the article, you then start with a short summary of the article. Here is how the layout must be on the articles:

  • {{Infobox_Anime_and_Manga_work}} - As explained above, the manga and/or anime article always starts with this template that must be placed above of every article. The image(s) placed into the template must be set on 230 pixels wide.

The main design for the manga and/or anime article goes as followed:

  • Overview - This header contains the general overview about the manga and/or anime series featured in the article.
  • List of chapters - This header contains the manga chapter list. If the manga is too long, then a separate manga chapter list sub page must be created.
  • List of episdoes - This header contains the anime episode list. If the anime is too long, then a separate anime episode list sub page must be created.
  • List of Mini 4WD cars in this series - This header contains a list of Mini 4WD cars that was featured in the series.
  • Media - This is for the volume releases for both the manga and novels, as well as home video releases for video media. It should be noted that for manga and novels, only Japanese releases are allowed on the wiki.
  • Gallery - This header contains various images for the manga and/or anime series. Do note that images that doesn't fall under any of the sub-header below will be removed without notice. The header was splited into several sub-headers as follows:
    • Promotional - This sub-header contains promotional images for the series, for example a key visual poster.
    • Title logo - This sub-header contains the title logo of the series.
    • Manga volumes - This sub-header contains the front cover images of each manga volumes. Do note that only Japanese releases are allowed.
  • Trivia - Information that are proven to be useless to input under any of those headers above. Those are very important info that are not really known in the manga or animation, as they are coming from official interviews from the company and even from its creator.
  • See also - This header contains links to other relative articles.
  • External link/External links - This header contains the external links to the series' official website pages or the publisher's website.