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== External link ==
== External link ==
* [ Poseidon-X Black Special on Tamiya official website (Japanese)]
* [ Poseidon-X Black Special on Tamiya official website (Japanese)]{{Navbox Super Mini 4WD}}[[Category:Mini 4WD car]]
[[Category:Mini 4WD car]]
[[Category:Mini 4WD car that appear in The Wind Racer! Otokogi]]
[[Category:Mini 4WD car that appear in The Wind Racer! Otokogi]]
[[Category:Super Mini 4WD Car]]
[[Category:Super Mini 4WD Car]]

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"I challenge you! Jingi Otokogi!" - Ryou Hayami, the aqua racer.

No. 94076 (Body Parts Set)
94584 (Black Special)
Series Super Mini 4WD (Black Special)
Chassis(s) Super-1 Chassis (Black Special)
Release Date 1993
In fictional media
First Appearance The Wind Racer! Otokogi
Owner Ryou Hayami

The Poseidon-X (ポセイドンX) is a Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on 1993 as a add-on body parts set for existing Super Mini 4WD cars. Later Tamiya would released the more completed Black Special version of the same car in the limited quantity. Due to the above circumstances, the Poseidon-X is considers by many people the very rarer car.

It is featured in the manga The Wind Racer! Otokogi as Ryou Hayami's machine.

General Info

The Poseidon-X features much different design compares to the other machines appears in The Wind Racer! Otokogi. It features a small rear spoiler, and also the air-duct placed behind the cockpit piece. There's even the front large spoiler that was attached to the main body, as with other machines in the manga.

Due to the fact that Ryou Hayami is a aqua racer, the car is colored in navy blue.

The body can be attaches to any chassis (with the exceptions being the front-motor FM Chassis and Super FM Chassis) but it is best to fit it on Super-1 Chassis and Super-2 Chassis.

Technical Info

Note: The infomation listed here is from the Black Special version of Poseidon-X. Different chassis with Poseidon-X body attached might have different specifications.

Length: 132 mm

Width: 90 mm

Height: 45 mm

Chassis: Super-1 Chassis

Gear set(s): 5:1, 4:1




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