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The PowerChamp (Japanese: パワーチャンプ, Pawāchanpu) is the Alkaline battery produced by FDK Corporation, the subsidiary company of Fujitsu and released by Tamiya in 1989.

It is the very first generation PowerChamp batteries specifically made for Mini 4WD races.

It was superseded by the PowerChamp EX in 1992.

General info

The PowerChamp sports the 2-tone color labeling of gold upper half and the black lower half, with the Tamiya logo on the upper half and the gold-colored 'PowerChamp' letter on the lower half.

The PowerChamp, compare to the regular alkaline batteries at that time, has higher discharge rate. This however, came at a cost of shortened endurance performance, although it still last longer than the Zinc-Carbon batteries.

As it is a Alkaline battery, it is heavier than the Mini 4WD Ni-Cd Battery and is not cost effective due to being a non-rechargeable battery.

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