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The PowerChamp GT (Japanese: パワーチャンプGT, Pawāchanpu Jītī) is the Alkaline battery produced by FDK Corporation, the subsidiary company of Fujitsu and released by Tamiya in 2012. It is the 9th generation PowerChamp batteries specifically made for Mini 4WD races.

The PowerChamp GT has ceased its production as it was superseded by the PowerChamp RS in 2016.

General info

Compare to its predecessor, the PowerChamp FD, the GT is much more powerful and last-longer. However it is also the main reason why the minicars are prone to course-out due to massive power.

As it is a Alkaline battery, it is heavier than NeoChamp battery and is not cost effective due to being a non-rechargeable battery.

Despite this, it is no more powerful than Fujitsu's own Premium G Alkaline battery, which can be used in Tamiya Japan Cup since 2012.

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