PowerChamp GX



No. 55089 (GX)
94557 (GX-Gold)
Release Date February 11, 2005 (GX)
July 16, 2005 (GX-Gold)
Parts type Battery
Battery Specfication
Type Alkaline
Capacity N/A
Voltage 1.5v
Manufacturer(s) FDK Corporation (Subsidary company of Fujitsu)
The PowerChamp GX (Japanese: パワーチャンプGX, Pawāchanpu Jīekkusu) is a alkaline battery produced by FDK Corporation, the subsidiary company of Fujitsu and released by Tamiya on February 11, 2005. It was the 6th-generation PowerChamp battery and was introduced during the Dangun Racer EVO era.

The PowerChamp GX has ceased its production as it was superseded by the PowerChamp GZ on December 9, 2006.

General info Edit

The exterior of the PowerChamp GX sports the three-tone black, gold and red colors, with the large golden 'GX' label placed next to the 'PowerChamp' label and the Tamiya label. The limited edition, gold-plated terminal version of the GX, known as the GX-Gold, instead has the artwork of the Dangun Racer Jet-Vulcan from the manga Dangun Wolf by Tetsuhiro Koshita.

As usual for a new PowerChamp battery, it features the increased discharge-rate and endurance compare to the PowerChamp GR. The GX-Gold has the gold-plated terminals that prevents the corrosion of the terminals. Both batteries's performance are similar to that of Fujitsu's Rspec alkaline battery.

As it is a Alkaline battery, it is heavier than NeoChamp battery (which was released in 2011) and is not cost effective due to being a non-rechargeable battery.

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