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The Power Dash Motor (Japanese: パワーダッシュモーター, Pawā Dasshu Mōtā) is the Mini 4WD motor manufactures by SMC Motor and released by Tamiya on December 10, 2002.

This motor was released during the R/C Mini 4WD era, and it went through 2 revisions since its release.

General info

The Power Dash Motor is a torque-focused motor that has the second highest torque performance available for the entire Tamiya motors and the highest for a race-legal motor. Its rev performance, however, is better than the current Hyper-Dash 3 Motor but poorer than the Sprint Dash Motor. It is the 3rd power-hungry motor following the Sprint-Dash Motor and as such, it can't reaches its full potentials while using the normal alkaline batteries.

The first version of the motor, released in 2002, has the rev over 30,000rpm. It has the green endbell cap and silver metal housing, and uses bronze brushes. The words 'R/C Mini 4WD' was printed on the sticker below the words 'Power Dash' and the Tamiya logo.

The later versions has the deeper green endbell cap. It uses the carbon brushes which prolonged the motor's running life, and also increased overall performances. Revving performance has been decreased to 23,600rpm without load. On the sticker, the word 'R/C Mini 4WD' were replaced with the words 'Specially Tuned'.

It is recommended to pair the motor with the car that has large-diameter wheels and 3.7:1 gear set to achieves highly balanced perfomance.

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