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No, it isn't Go's fault, it just that the Dolphin System of my Proto-Saber isn't perfected.

The Dolphin System wasn't completed yet! My Proto-Saber can keep evolving!
— J

The Proto-Saber Evolution Stage-3 (Japanese: プロトセイバー エボリューション ステージ3, Puroto Seibā Eboryūshon Sutēji Surī) is a fictional Mini 4WD car that appear in Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! Return Racers!.

It was owns by the now grown-up J, upgraded from the Proto-Saber Evolution.

General info[edit | edit source]

The new Proto-Saber is essentially the Proto-Saber Evolution with the sharper, more detailed and stylized body design. The rear spoiler is no longer the flat-flap-type, but rather the V-shaped type. There's also the air-duct slits over the bodyshell. There's also the flame-style decals as well as the 'J' decal on it.

It is mainly in purple with red highlights.

In the manga[edit | edit source]

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Shortly after the Proto-Saber was course-out during the race due to Go's reckless tactic, J modify his car into the Stage-3 form. The car has the full-body Dolphin System, in which the front nose, the front fenders, rear fenders and canopy parts are movable and doubling as the self-adjusting parts to stabilize the car by changing the body aerodynamics.

In the end of the race, the Proto-Saber was further evolved into the Stage-4 form, in which the rear spoiler become movable and works as a flapper for the car, allows it to have acceleration boost while in the air.

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