QD Octa-Charger
No. 55041
Release Date 80's
Parts type Charger
Charger Specfication
Charge Voltage/Current DC9.6V/150mA
Number of Batteries 8
Charge Time(s) Approx. 4 to 5 hours (8 batteries)
Charge Time(s) N.Densan P.G. (1996 batches)
The OD Octa-Charger (Japanese: QD 8本充電器, Kyūshi ̄ Hachi-pon Jūdenki) is a  battery charger manufactured by N.Densan P.G. and released by Tamiya in the 80's.

It was bundled with 8 Ni-Cd batteries.

General info Edit

Compare to the Mini 4WD Octa-Charger, it has 30mA less charging current. The charger's body is white as oppose to Mini 4WD Octa-Charger's yellow.

It is capable of fully charge 8 Ni-Cd batteries in approximately 4 to 5 hours.

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