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The R/C Mini 4WD (Japanese: ラジ四駆, Raji Yonku) is a Mini 4WD line-up introduced by Tamiya on July 17, 2002.

The main selling point of this line-up is that racer can control the car's acceleration through the R/C system, in a way that it can be described as 'a slot car with no wire and has four-wheel-drive'. Most of the cars in the line-up are licensed real-life road cars and race cars.

Sadly, the line-up was discontinued a year after its introduction, following the lack of interest as well as parts incompatibility between the earlier GUP and R/C Mini 4WD cars. Sports car bodied Mini 4WD cars (introduced in this line) would be later re-introduced with the Mini 4WD PRO series two years later, and bodyshells featuring real-life cars would later return in various lines in 2010s.

Because the line was originally marketed as a spin-off rather than part of main Mini 4WD line, most official literature and history charts often made no mention of the R/C Mini 4WD. However, the TR-1 Chassis associated with the line can be used on official Tamiya races as long as alkaline batteries are used and (obviously) the radio control system is not installed. Conversely, most bodyshells from the line can be adapted for use with other Mini 4WD chassis types.

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