R/C Mini 4WD series logo.

The R/C Mini 4WD (ラジ四駆 Raji Yonku) is a Mini 4WD line-up introduced by Tamiya in 2002.

The unique of this line-up is that racer can control the car's acceleration through the R/C system, in a way that it can be described as 'a slot car with no wire and has four-wheel-drive'. Most of the cars in the line-up are licensed real-life road cars and race cars.

Sadly, the line-up was discontinued a year after its introduction, following the lack of interest as well as parts incompatibility between the earlier GUP and R/C Mini 4WD cars. Sports car bodied Mini 4WD cars (introduced in this line) would be later re-introduced with the Mini 4WD PRO series two years later.

List of Mini 4WD cars

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