R/C Mini 4WD Racer's Box
No. 15296
Release Date July 17, 2002
Parts type Case
The R/C Mini 4WD Racer's Box (Japanese: ラジ四駆 レーサーズボックス, Raji Yonku Rēsāzu Bokkusu) is a Mini 4WD carrying case manufactured by Meiho and released by Tamiya on July 17, 2002.

It was based on Meiho's Versus VS-7020 tackle box.[1]

General info Edit

The R/C Mini 4WD Racer's Box is a hybrid that combines the cantilever trays of the cantilever toolbox and the vertical placement of the briefcase. When placed horizontally, It was measured at 310 mm wide, 214 mm long and 132 mm tall.

It was separated into 3 parts: the upper tray, the lower tray and the main storage space. Each part contains the removable dividers of their owns, allowing racers to adjusts the compartments' dimensions. Much like the Super Racer's Box, the trays will unfolds while the case is opened.

Although the main storage space can stores up to 3 Mini 4WD cars, only one full width Mini 4WD car can be stored unless the dividers are removed from the storage space.

References Edit

  1. Versus VS-7020 on Meiho official website (Japanese)
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