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The Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD Racing Miku 2012 ver. drives Astute Special (Japanese: ねんどろいどぷち×ミニ四駆 レーシングミク 2012 ver. drives アスチュート スペシャル, Nendoroido Puchi x Mini Yonku Rēshingu Miku Nisenjyuni Bājon Doraibusu Asuchūto Supesharu) is a Racing Mini 4WD car that is co-manufactures by Tamiya and Good Smile Company and released by Good Smile Company.

Based on the Astute Open Top, it is the first car to be released under the Nendoroid Petite x Mini 4WD collaboration project between the two companies.

General info

This version of Astute Open Top has the white bodyshell with Racing Miku-inspired decals on it.

It comes with the Racing Miku 2012 version Nendoroid Petite figurine, which can be attached into the mini car by removing the lower body parts and using the specialized battery clip. Any Nendoroid Petite figurines can be attached into the mini car using this special battery clip.

Unlike the bigger, standalone Nendoroid figurine, the Racing Miku Nendoroid Petite figurine only comes with a pair of optional arm parts and a display stand.

It came with the cyan small-diameter 3-spoke Fully Cowled-type wheels paired with the black high-profile treaded tires. The chassis frame and A parts were molded in green and magenta respectively.

About the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and the Racing Miku

Hatsune Miku, codenamed CV01, is a Japanese Vocaloid developed and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc. Released for the Vocaloid 2 engine and later for the latest Vocaloid 3 engine, she is one of the famous vocaloids since her debut. Voice actress Saki Fujita provides the voice for Miku.

A derivative of Miku, known as Racing Miku, was created by Good Smile Company with the help of Crypton Future Media as a poster character for Good Smile Racing, a subsidiary company of Good Smile which specialized in automobile racing and is the owner of the racing team of the same name in the Super GT championship.

Technical info

Variant Body Chassis Wheels Tires Motor Dimensions Gear


Color: White
Material: ABS

Type: Super-II
Frame: Green, ABS
A parts: Magenta, ABS

Size: Small
Type: Fully Cowled-Type
Spoke: 3
Fitment: Staggered
Color: Cyan
Material: Polypropylene

Size: Small
Type: Treaded Radial
Color: Black
Material: Med. Elastomer


Length: 150
Width: 97
Height: 44*


*Excluding Nendoroid figurine




  • With the Nendoroid Petite figurine attached, the Astute itself has already exceeded the maximum height of a Mini 4WD car as specified in Mini 4WD race regulation. As such users must replace said figurine with the smaller, more suitable figurine if they wish to participates into race events such as Japan Cup.
  • As the Racing Miku Nendoroid Petit figurine didn't release as a standalone product, the only way to get the figurine is to buy the Mini 4WD car.

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