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* [[Mini 4WD Owl Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on August 26, 2017)
* [[Mini 4WD Owl Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on August 26, 2017)
* [[Mini 4WD Pig Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on March 10, 2018)
* [[Mini 4WD Pig Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on March 10, 2018)
* [[Mini 4WD Cat Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released in 2018)
* [[Mini 4WD Panda Racer 2]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on April 7, in 2018)
* [[Mini 4WD Panda Racer 2]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released in 2018)
* [[Mach-Bullet]] (VS Chassis) (Released on May 26, 2018)
* [[Mach-Bullet]] (VS Chassis) (Released in 2018)
* [[Mini 4WD Cat Racer]] (Super-II Chassis) (Released on June 16, 2018)
=== Related ===
=== Related ===

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Racer Mini 4WD series logo.

The Racing Mini 4WD (Japanese: レーサーミニ四駆, Rēsā Mini Yonku) series is the second Mini 4WD line-up introduced by Tamiya in May 15, 1986.

Similar to the Original Mini 4WD series, the first few models were based on the bigger cars, and in Racing Mini 4WD series' case, their R/C buggy counterparts (Avante Jr. for example).

However, following customer feedback that they want the mini cars to go fast, Tamiya developed and released the Grade-Up Parts for the mini cars. Starting with Avante Jr., Tamiya began production of the race-orientated chassis as well as making the guide rollers and bearing attachments as the standards for future chassis to come. Additionally, the specially-designed race circuits for Mini 4WD cars were made to prevent children from getting into accidents as a result of the following cars, as well to ensure the cars do not run away from the owners.

The manga series Dash! Yonkuro and Mini 4 Top featured machines from this line-up.

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