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* [[Daihatsu Kopen XMZ]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Daihatsu Kopen XMZ]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Shirokumakko]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Shirokumakko]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Panda]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Panda Racer]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Kumamon Version]] (Super-II Chassis)
* [[Mini 4WD Kumamon Version]] (Super-II Chassis)

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Racer Mini 4WD series logo.

The Racing Mini 4WD (レーサーミニ四駆) series is the second Mini 4WD line-up produced by Tamiya.

Similar to the Original Mini 4WD series, the first few models were based on the bigger cars, and in Racing Mini 4WD series' case, their R/C buggy counterparts (Avante Jr. for example).

However, following customer feedback that they want the mini cars to go fast, Tamiya developed and released the Grade-Up Parts for the mini cars. Starting with Avante Jr., Tamiya began production of the race-orientated chassis as well as making the guide rollers and bearing attachments as the standards for future chassis to come. Additionally, the specially-designed race circuits for Mini 4WD cars were made to prevent children from getting into accidents as a result of the following cars, as well to ensure the cars do not run away from the owners.

The manga series Dash! Yonkuro and Mini 4 Top featured machines from this line-up.

List of Mini 4WD cars


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