Rear Sliding Damper and Brake Set



No. 15198
Release Date 1997
Parts type Rear Roller Stays/Brake Skid
Bumper/Rear Stay
Type Sliding Type (With Brake cubes)
Material(s) ABS plastic, Aluminum, Rubber
The Rear Sliding Damper and Brake Set (Japanese: リヤースライドダンパー・ブレーキセット, Riyā Suraido Danpā Burēki Setto) is a Mini 4WD rear stay parts released by Tamiya in 1997.

It is compatible with Type-5 Chassis, Zero Chassis, Super-1 Chassis, Super-II Chassis, Super-FM Chassis, Super TZ Chassis (and its TZ-X variant), Super X Chassis (and its XX variant) and VS Chassis.

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Similar to Sliding Damper Roller set, the main purposal of the this parts is to provide smooth cornering in circults with many S-style corners, as well as absorbing shocks while hitting the fences of the circuit.

The first advantage that the Sliding Damper Roller doesn't have is that, instead of attaching it to the bodyshell, it was attach to the rear handpoint of the chassis. This is ideal if the bodyshell cannot holds much stress.

The other advantage is that the rear stay also act as a brake for the minicar. There's the pair of the height-adjustable, rubber-based brake tubes to provide braking while on the sloped sections of the circuits. The brake tubes' height can be adjust depends on what wheels the minicar has.

Like any sliding damper sets, it comes with two springs; using the soft spring, the sliding damper's aluminum plate will slides upon collides with the fences. With the hard spring however, the sliding damper will behaves like the normal rear stays.

The set also comes with the ball diff grease, but the sliding damper's responsive rate can be adjust using the Sliding Damper Grease Set or the HG Sliding Damper Grease Set.

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