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The Reinforced Gears with Easy Locking Gear Cover (Japanese: 強化ギヤ&ワンロックギヤカバー, Kyōka Giya to Wan Rokku Giya Kabā) is a Grade-Up Parts released by Tamiya on November 19, 2011.

With the exceptions of pinion gears and crown gears, it is exclusively made for Super-II Chassis.

General info[]

The set includes two 8t pinion gears and two crown gears that are made of carbon-mixed nylon material. The included carbon crown gears has the same, helical gear design as the pink crown gears and thus cannot be used on chassis with orange crown gears under current race regulations.

Also included is the easy locking gear cover, which allows easy access to the gearbox without having to unscrew the parts that is holding the gear cover.


  • The easy locking gear cover comes as standard for some Super-II Chassis cars starting with Dash-1 Emperor Premium due to the complains that the screw hole will become loose after many screws and unscrews.
    • Unlike the set, the easy locking gear cover that came with Super-II Chassis kits were molded in the same color as the chassis's sub parts.

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