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The Rev-Tuned Motor (Japanese: レブチューンモーター, Rebu Chūn Mōtā) is a series of Mini 4WD motors manufactured by Mabuchi Motor and later SMC Motor and released by Tamiya. It was originally introduced as a Grade-Up Parts for the Mini F minicar.

General info

As its name implies, it is a speed-focused motor and has higher power but lower torque when compare to Torque-Tuned Motor.

The original version of the Rev-Tuned Motor has the Mini-F label as it was originally a upgrade parts for Mini-F. The second version changed the label to replace the word 'Mini-F' with '4WD' (as in Mini 4WD). The current version has the word '4WD' removed from the label and the empty space has been filled with the larger-size of the words 'Rev-Tuned Motor'.

The original Rev-Tuned Motor had the purple endbell cap, while the rest of the Rev-Tuned Motors have the blue endbell cap. Only the original Rev-Tuned Motor PRO came with brass pinion gears attached.

Due to its lower torque, it is not recommended to use on Mini 4WD cars with large-diameter wheels and low-gear ratios.




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