Rising Bird
No. 18017
Series Racer Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Type-3 Chassis
Release Date 1989
In fictional media
First Appearance Mini 4 Top
Owner Toppu Kudo
The Rising Bird (ライジングバード) is a Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya in 1989. It is the first to ultilizes Type-3 Chassis, after the disastrous body and chassis compability problem on Type-2 Chassis with bodies designed for Type-1 Chassis.

It is featured in manga Mini 4 Top as Toppu Kudo's first machine.

General Info

The Rising Bird is the very first machine created from the Dream Attack project planned by Tamiya where everyone can design their own machine.

The Rising Bird's body is dominated by blue color, with some white, yellow and orange mix onto it. The body is designed to have more curved lines, reducing the drags. Pair of small wings that are placed on rear of the car provides the downforces onto the rear wheels.

The chassis, along with the high-profile spike tires, are molded in bright red, unlike the others.

In the Manga

In the manga, Toppu received the uncolored Rising Bird (codenamed D-01) without the rear spoiler from Doctor T and later modified to its current form. Later in the story, knowing that the Rising Bird is no longer able to match the newer, faster machines in terms of performance, Toppu upgrades it into Winning Bird.

Technical Info

Length: 127 mm

Width: 86 mm

Height: 53 mm

Chassis: Type-3 Chassis

Gear set(s): 5:1, 6.4:1



See Also

Winning Bird - Rising Bird's successor, also the second Mini 4WD car in Dream Attack project.

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