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The Roller Ball Bearings (Japanese: ローラー用ボールベアリングセット, Rōrā-yō Bōru Bearingu Setto) is a series of Mini 4WD Grade-up Parts released by Tamiya since 1994.

General info

The roller ball bearings, as its name implies, are the ball bearings that can be used as the rollers for a Mini 4WD car. The roller ball bearings were usually holds via being sandwiched by the aluminum bushings. The rollers are available in 7mm to 13mm diameters.

Most roller ball bearings has flat touching surface, meaning it has less friction. All roller bearings were made of steel. Although the flange-type roller ball bearings provides higher friction and are lighter than others due to its design, they are very fragile and their sharp ends are tends to bends.

Some revisions of the original 13mm roller ball bearings has the clear seals, while other revisions has the black or blue seals.

The limited 7mm sets comes with the carbon-mixed nylon one-hardpoint rear roller stay, while the limited 4 pieces 9mm sets comes with the long screws and aluminum spacers for double-roller setups.

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