Spark Rouge
No. 18642
Series Mini 4WD PRO
Chassis(s) MA Chassis
Release Date October 10, 2015

Spark Rouge (Japanese: スパークルージュ, Supāku Rūju) is a Mini 4WD PRO car released by Tamiya on October 10, 2015.

General infoEdit

The Spark Rouge's bodyshell design was inspired by and based on classic 2-seater coupé sports cars such as the Ferrari Gran Turismo series, the Lancia Stratos rally car (hence rouge in car's name, which is French for red) and eastern supercars like the Honda NSX. The body features a wedge-shaped body line with a flat front bonnet on the front and a black rear spoiler.

It is mainly in red with yellow and black accents as well as Tamiya-related logos in key areas.

The car is equipped with yellow small-diameter fin-type low-profile wheels with the black low-profile slick tires. The chassis frame and the A parts were molded in gray and light gray respectively.

Technical infoEdit

Length: 156 mm

Width: 97 mm 

Height: n/a 

Chassis: MA Chassis

Gear Set(s): 3.5:1

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  • The Spark Rouge continues the French color naming that started with Festa Jaune.

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