No. 17501
94983 (Premium)
95297 (Premium reissue)
Series Truckin' Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Truckin' Chassis
AR Chassis (Premium)
Release Date December 1990
July 10, 2010 (Red-plated)
October 12, 2013 (Premium)
February 25, 2017 (Premium reissue)
The Sunny-Shuttle (Japanese: サニーシャトル, Sanī Shatoru) is a Truckin' Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya in December 1990. It was released alongside Jolly-Joker.

Like the Chevrolet Pickup 4x4, it was based on the 2nd generation Chervrolet K5 Blazer pickup truck that was produced from 1973 to 1991.

General info Edit

The Sunny-Shuttle has the 4x4 pickup body design, with the rectangle-shaped, row-styled air intake with headlamps on the front and the rectangle-shaped signal lamps on the rear. There's the flareside around the rear wheels and the silver-colored front bumper.

The bodyshell was consists of two parts: the black window parts and the main bodyshell parts.

The original Sunny-Shuttle and Red-plated Edition Edit

The original model has the red body color with blue and yellow stripes with white trims. It has a 'Santa fe Sportsters' decals on the top of the front window, a 'Tamiya' decal on the rear, a 'Sunny-Shuttle' on the hood and the car number 175 on the rear cab top and on the doors.

The eariler batch of the Sunny-Shuttle has the specially-designed, silver-plated wheels and black slick tires, but later reissues has the silver-plated small-diameter fully-cowled mesh-type wheels with high-profile slick tires. The limited Red-plated Edition has the bodyshell and side body catches painted in chrome colors.

Premium Edit

The Premiun variant has the yellow body color with different body decals with black and red highlights. It has several faux OEM decals, the 'Sunny-Shuttle' decals on the rear flares and on the hood as well as the Tamiya logo and the company's URL on the bodyshell. It has the car number 33.

The bodyshell was attached to the AR Chassis via the Side Body Catch Parts.

It was equipped with the deep gold small-diameter fully-cowled mesh-type wheels with high-profile slick tires.

Technical info Edit

Length: 140 mm (Original), 155 mm (Premium)

Width: 86 mm (Original), 97 mm (Premium)

Height: 55 mm (Original/Premium)

Chassis: Truckin' Chassis, AR Chassis

Gear Set(s): 6.4:1, 5:1 (Original), 4.2:1 (Premium)

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