Super FM Chassis

The Super-FM Chassis (スーパーFMシャーシ) is a Mini 4WD Chassis released by Tamiya. It debuted with the release of Brocken Gigant. It is the Super series chassis version of the FM Chassis.

General info

Like the Super-1 Chassis , the gear box is now attached to the motor case instead of the main chassis, and the front bumper is similar to that of Super-1 Chassis's. Where the FM Chassis had the hardpoint for the rear stay installations, the Super-FM Chassis now comes with the optional rear stay.

However, the changes to the chassis is somewhat minor and as a result it shares many weaknesses with the FM Chassis. The propeller shaft and ground gears were unchanged for the new chassis, resulting in power loss.

Due to aforementioned problems, the chassis performs no better than its predecessor.

Technical info

Length/Width/Wheelbase: 144 mm/90 mm/83 mm
Ground clearance: Unknown
Driveshaft's length: 60 mm
Compatible gear set(s): 5:1, 4.2:1, 4:1, 3.5:1
Terminal type: B-type terminal
Weight (Chassis frame only): Unknown

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