Super Avante






No. 18046
18055 (VS Chassis)
94639 (White Special)
18065 (RS)
95078 (Black Special)
Series Racing Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Type-5 Chassis
VS Chassis (VS Chassis/White Special/Black Special)
Super-II Chassis (RS)
Release Date 1995
2009 (VS Chassis)
2010 (White Special)
2011 (RS)
2016 (Black Special)
In fictional media
First Appearance Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!
Owner Dr.Tsuchiya (Owner)
Tesshin Akada (Maker)

The Super Avante (スーパーアバンテ) is a Mini 4WD car released in 1995 by Tamiya. It is one of the variants of the Avante Jr..

It was featured in the manga and anime Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go! where it was made by Tesshin Akada, and was kept by Dr.Tsuchiya. It was the prototype and the base of the Saber machines the Seiba brothers own.

General Info

The bodyshell of the Super Avante is similar to that of the original Avante Jr., but with major differences. The front absorber props have been replaced by a pair of fins and air-ducts for cooling the motor while running. The body is colored in white, with two tones of blue mix onto it.

Instead of the Type-2 Chassis, the original Super Avante comes with the Type-5 Chassis and also comes equipped with Avante-type slick tires and red large-diameter 6-spoke Avante-type wheels. Later versions of Super Avante has different chassis and wheels setup, most of them running VS Chassis, except for the RS variant, which uses Super-II Chassis.

In anime and manga

In Let's & Go!, shortly after the Seiba brothers got out of the virtual racing simlutator cockpits, they found out that someone has been broken into Dr.Tsuchiya's lab and stole something: the Super Avante. In the end, they retrieved the Super Avante despite it being damaged; losing a front right wheel and the front right bumper parts.

In the anime version, it was two armed goons hired by Dr. Ogami who stole the Super Avante, while in the manga, it was someone from an undisclosed rival corporation.

Technical Info

Length: 132 mm (Normal), 145 mm (White Special), 150 mm (RS)

Width: 86 mm (Normal), 90 mm (White Special), 97 mm (RS)

Height: 48 mm (Normal/White Special/RS)

Chassis: Type-5 Chassis (Normal), VS Chassis (White Special), Super-II Chassis (RS)

Gear Set(s): 5:1 and 4.2:1 (Normal), 4:1 (White Special), 4.2:1 (RS)




  • The Super Avante, along with Avante X and Avante Mk.III, are the only Avante Mini 4WD cars without a radio control counterparts.
  • The Super Avante was initially created for Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!, hence the lack of a radio control counterpart; however, later re-releases omit the Let's & Go! fact; the sticker packet in the RS version also omitted the KOSHITA/SHOGAKUKAN copyright.
  • The Super Avante is the only car that has multiple SK Japan special re-release, dubbed Ifrit (available in 4 colors) and Legend Style (available in 2 colors). Both versions use VS Chassis, so does a special edition of the car celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Korean branch of Tamiya.

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