The Super Avante (スーパーアバンテ) is a Mini 4WD car released in 1995 by Tamiya. It is one of the variants of Avante Jr..

It is featured in manga and anime Bakusou Kyodai Let's & Go! where it is made by Tesshin Akada, and is keepen by Dr.Tsuchiya. It is the prototype and the root to the Saber machines the Seiba brothers owns.

General Info

The body shell of the Super Avante is similar to that of the original Avante Jr., but with major differences. The front absorber props has been replaced by the pair of fins and there's the air-ducts for cooling the motor while running. The body is colored in white, with two-tone blues mix onto it.

Instead of the Type-2 Chassis, it comes with the Type-5 Chassis. The Super Avante equipped with flat tires and red large-diameter wheels.

In anime and manga

In Let's & Go!, shortly after the Seiba brothers got out of the virtual racing simlutator cockpits, they found out that someone has been brokes into Dr.Tsuchiya's lab and steal something from Tsuchiya: the Super Avante. In the end, They got back the Super Avante despite it being damaged (losing a front right wheel and the front right bumper parts).

In the anime version, it is someone who was hired by Dr.Ohgami to steal it while in the manga it is someone from the rival corporation who tries to stole it.

Technical Info

Length: 132 mm (Normal), 145 mm (White Special), 150 mm (RS)

Width: 86 mm (Normal), 90 mm (White Special), 97 mm (RS)

Height: 48 mm (Normal/White Special/RS)

Chassis: Type-5 Chassis (Normal), VS Chassis (White Special), Super-II Chassis (RS)

Gear Set(s): 5:1 and 4.2:1 (Normal), 4:1 (White Special), 4.2:1 (RS)



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