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As it calls the wind, dance with the wind and became the wind, a superior dragon will appear.
— The words that was engraved on the wooden dragon statue's head in Radicon Boy.

The Super Dragon Junior (Japanese: スーパードラゴンJr., Sūpā Doragon Junia) is a Racing Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on August 6, 1987.

It is based on the Super Dragon R/C buggy, which only released as a body set for the Hornet R/C Buggy. The R/C buggy counterpart is the primary machine of Gou Kuruma in the manga Radicon Boy by Kaoru Ohbayashi. The Mini 4WD car itself also appear in Ohbayashi's manga short Mini 4WD Ryuuta.

It was also featured in the manga and anime Dash! Yonkuro as Peiji 'Punkuro' Jimi's machine. Decades later, it made a cameo appearance in Hyper Dash! Yonkuro.

General info

The Super Dragon featuring the body design that is similar to the head of a dragon. There's the CoroCoro Dragon decals and the CoroCoro Comic decal on the bodyshell. The bodyshell has the car number 18. It is mainly in white, with red and blue highlights and yellow trims on it.

The original Super Dragon comes with the medium diameter 4-spoke Hotshot-type wheels paired with the black high-profile spike tires, while the Premium variant comes with the neon green large diameter 6-spoke Manta Ray-type wheels paired with the black MS-type spike tires. The original model has its chassis molded in black, while the Premium variant has its chassis frame and A parts molded in light gun metal.

Unlike most VS Chassis car, the Premium variant doesn't come with the rear roller stay and instead, it includes the plastic double rollers.

About the Super Dragon 1/10 R/C Buggy

The Super Dragon was available as the spare body set for the Hornet. It was originally retails exclusively via CoroCoro Comic magazine, but later had a general release.

Tamiya later re-released the Super Dragon, now renamed as Super Storm Dragon due to possible trademark problem, on November 14, 2020. The full kit borrows the Grasshopper-based chassis from the updated Hornet re-release.

In media

Spoiler alert!

This section of the article may contains details concerning the progression of the plot. If you do not want it to be spoiled for you, skip this section!

Radicon Boy

In Radicon Boy, the bodyshell of the Super Dragon was made using the head of a wooden dragon statue as a mold. The wooden dragon statue was crafted by a no-name craftman in the past, but as times passes it was missing all but the head prior to being brought by the Tamiya staffs. After the Super Dragon body was made, the head of the wooden dragon statue was then self-dissolved into dust, hinting that it have accomplished its role. The body, originally made for the Hornet, was given to Gou after a series of race tests, who then swapped his Hotshot's body with it.

The Super Dragon has the special running technique known as the 'Dragon Running (ドラゴン走行)', in which the buggy's ride height is lowered itself to give it a sudden acceleration boost with the help of the winds.

Mini 4WD Ryuuta

Ryuuta, a protagonist of this one-shot, own a Super Dragon Jr. Mini 4WD car. Interestly, Gou Kuruma made a cameo in this manga.

Hyper Dash! Yonkuro

In Hyper Dash! Yonkuro, Mr.G released the dragon Mini 4WD cars (including the Super Dragon Jr.) to stop Yonkuro's Emperor by ramming the car during the first course. The car, along with other dragon Mini 4WD cars, were smashed away by the newly-upgraded Rise-Emperor.

Technical info

Variant Body Chassis Wheels Tires Motor Dimensions Gear


Color: White
Material: PS

Type: Type-1
Frame: Black, ABS
A parts: Black, ABS

Size: Medium
Type: Hotshot-Type
Spoke: 4
Fitment: Staggered
Color: White
Material: Polypropylene

Size: Medium
Type: Spiked
Color: Black
Material: Med. Elastomer


Length: 127
Width: 81
Height: 48



Color: White
Material: ABS

Type: VS
Frame: Light Gun Metal, ABS
A parts: Light Gun Metal, ABS

Size: Large
Type: Manta Ray-Type
Spoke: 6
Fitment: Staggered
Color: Fluorescent Green
Material: Polypropylene

Size: Large
Type: Avante-Type Spiked
Color: Black
Material: Med. Elastomer


Length: 128
Width: 93
Height: 48




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