Super Racer's Box
No. 15144 (Original)
15254 (Smoke)
15262 (DR)
15354 (Mini 4WD PRO)
Release Date March 6, 1996 (Original)
November 16, 1999 (Smoke)
June 21, 2000 (DR)
Decemebr 14, 2005 (Mini 4WD PRO)
Parts type Case
The Mini 4WD Super Racer's Box (Japanese: ミニ四駆 スーパーレーザーズボックス, Mini Yonku Sūpā Rēzāzu Bokkusu), later re-released as Dangun Racer's Box (Japanese: ダンガンレーサーズボックス, Dangan Rēsāzu Bokkusu) and Mini 4WD PRO Racer's Box (Japanese: ミニ四駆PRO レーサーズボックス, Mini Yonku Puro Rēsāzu Bokkusu), is a Mini 4WD carrying case released by Tamiya since March 5, 1996.

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Compare to the more compacted Racer's Box, the Super Racer's Box is much wider, allowing it to place 3 Mini 4WD cars in full length (or 2 Dangun Racers).

The Super Racer's Box has 2 storage trays that were placed above the car storage space, but unlike the Racer's Box, they are cantilever trays and will unfold themself when the carrying box is opened.

Each side of the carrying box has holes for straps attachment.

The original Super Racer's Box has the different upper tray design that has 3 sections, with one section having the 3 removable dividers that separate it into 3 sections. Later releases however, has 4 sections on its upper tray.

There is one problem with the carrying box concerning the car storage space; Due to having lower height in the storage space, Mini 4WD cars that are taller than 70 mm height will not able to fit into the box.

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