Infobox Mini 4wd info
No. Unknown
Series Unknown
Chassis(s) Unknown
Release Date Unknown

This Infobox is for the Mini 4WD cars.

If there's multiple variants of chassis or release dates, please use the 'br' function. The variants and their release dates must be separated into two bold texts, "Regular releases" and "Limited editions".

If the numbers of limited edition's item numbers and/or release dates become too much, you can use the "mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" collapsible codes (See here) to make the limited edition sections collapsible.


{{Infobox Mini 4wd info
 | title         = Pagename
 | image         = [e.g. "Example.jpg"]
 | no.           = The release number of the Mini 4WD car release
 | series        = The Mini 4WD series it belongs to
 | chassis       = The Chassis(s) it has
 | rel           = The release date
 | in fictional media      = confirmation if said Mini 4WD appears in any fictional media
 | First Appearance      = where the Mini 4WD car debut from
 | Owner         = the owner of said Mini 4WD car in fictional media
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