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The Wind Racer! Otokogi (Japanese: 風のレーサー侠, Kaze no Rēsā Otokogi) is a manga series written by Zaurus Tokuda and published on Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic. It is the second manga by Tokuda after his first work, Dash! Yonkuro.

Unlike Dash!! Yonkuro, it instead has the fantasy elements. With only 1 volumes and 3 chapters per volume (excluding a one-shot chapter), it is the shortest manga by Tokuda.

The manga continues in the form of toy comic known as The Wind Racer! Otokogi Gaiden (風のレーサー侠 外伝) that were bundles into the Super Mini 4WD car kits based on the one from the manga. Unfortunately, it was cancelled alongside Shin Dash!! Yonkuro due to the popularity of the second major manga series Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!, which is the mainsteam at the time.


The story is about a boy named Jingi Otokogi (侠 仁義) who is a self-proclaimed wanderer.

One day, after the first race against the possesed Tom Ghody that he almost crushed the Mini 4WD car he borrowed from the villagers, he meet up with a old man who called himself the wind bonze (風法師), and was told that there's the darkness that are threating the world, and only the element racers can defeat the darkness.

Jingi was also told that he is the wind racer who will leads all the element racers. The magician then later gave the Liberty Emperor, the wind machine, to Jingi. With the Tom Ghody incident ended, Jingi starts the journey to gather all five elements racers in order to defeat the darkness once and for all...

Mini 4WD featured in this series

The original series

  • Avante Jr. (One of the villagers' machine)
  • Vanquish Jr. (One of the villagers' machine. Destroyed by Tom Ghody's car)
  • Thunder Shot Jr. (One of the villagers' machine. Borrowed by Jingi Otogoki to race against Tom Ghody)
  • Spider From Mars (Tom Ghody's machine)
  • Liberty Emperor (Jingi Otogoki's machine)
  • Poseidon-X (Ryou Hayami's machine)
  • Egress Jr. (Mr. Mae's machine)
  • Wind Bonze (The wind bonze's machine)
  • Pangaea (Pangaea's machine)
  • Metal Force (Metal Force's machine)
  • Darkside Emperor (The Dark Emperor's machine)

The Splendid Racer Zaurus one-short

  • Dash-1 Emperor (Zaurus's machine)
  • Poseizen-X (Mr. Mae's machine, modified Poseidon-X and has no relation to Ryou's Poseidon-X)


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