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    • Hi,

      I've noticed page I've added is infected of a sort o virus which is visible with iOS, it's very annoying :-/

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    • Hello Shinkurostreet.

      Can you tell me what happened?

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    • Apparently it has disappeared when you have moved the page, if it will appear again I'll send you a message, thanks! :)

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    • Questions for you :-)

      Are you japanese?

      I've noticed HyperDash!Yonkuro identify our "Street Mini 4WD" as "Sport Mini 4WD" so in this wiki what kind of behaviour should I follow in the wiki? Should I insert this specification into "Street Mini 4WD" wiki page (with a picture in which Rinko and Tankuro identified this difference)? In the original Dash!Yonkuro by Tokuda Zaurus is there a similar distinction/identification? In the anime version which we had seen in Italy there isn't.

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    • Out HyperDash!Yonkuro even in Japan they identify races with guide stick "street":

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    • I am no Japanese (I'm a Malaysian), but to be honest, your English is very hard to understand since there are broken grammar.

      In chapter 1 of Hyper Dash! Yonkuro, the 'Street Mini 4WD' is a street race where Mini 4WD cars are running in a specialized, long-straight circuit with U-turns in each ends. You can see one of the manga pages here (it's Japanese): Page 15 and 16 of the manga

      And to be honest, the Mini 4WD racing with guide stick in the original Dash! Yonkuro manga and anime was never refers to as 'Street Mini 4WD' or 'Sport Mini 4WD' at all. the 'Street Mini 4WD' was just a fan term coined by fans and racers.

      So basically, 'Street Mini 4WD' in HDY and the original manga are two different race types.

      Edit: Just a notice, that the webpage you show to me has no longer updated since like 2008, and the new manga (Hyper Dash! Yonkuro) has serializing since 2015.

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    • Oh, one more thing. The 'Sport Mini 4WD' in Hyper Dash! Yonkuro is not a racing category but rather a sport in which Mini 4WD cars are doing some sport things such as mogul skiing, ski jumping and curling.

      This is the one Rinko participates into before she rejoin the Dash Warriors.

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    • ok thanks :-)

      So I must interpret "street" in this phrase: "The Burning Sun was once again Tankuro's machine in Hyper Dash! Yonkuro, where he uses it on the street Mini 4WD races."  like "a race where Mini 4WD cars are running in a specialized, long-straight circuit with U-turns in each ends" and so I can't refer to wiki "street mini 4wd" page creating a inner link, right?

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    • That's right.

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    • Also, be careful next time while you are editing a Mini 4WD car article as I just noticed that you removed a part of sentences in the Burning God Sun article without knowing that the Neo Falcon MA-15 Red Special is a limited edition model (product number is 92313) and the Burning God Sun is a regular model.

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    • A FANDOM user
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