• Just FYI, there is a typo in the template name: Template:Notice Ficitonal car should be Template:Notice fictional car. Also since the template is protected, I can't fix a grammar mistake there, where: "This is the article about a fictional Mini 4WD car. Remove this notice if the car has the Mini 4WD kit release by Tamiya" should be "This article is about a fictional Mini 4WD car Remove this notice if the car has a Mini 4WD kit released by Tamiya​". Thanks.

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    • OK, I noticed something, you still didn't fix the typo - only the capitalization was changed. The "new" template name is still typoed. For the record, in the word "fictional", the "t" comes before the "i". You did it right in the template text.

      Oh, and now you forgot the dot in the "Remove this notice if the car has a Mini 4WD kit released by Tamiya."​ part.

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    • Hey FMecha, I just fixed the typo I made.

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