Tiger Zap
No. Regular releases
Limited editions
94503 (Limited edition)
94962 ( plated wheels)
Series Super Mini 4WD
Chassis(s) Super TZ Chassis
Release Date Regular releases
October 31, 1997
Limited editions
August 26, 2003 (Limited edition)
April 20, 2013 ( plated wheels)
In fictional media
First Appearance Dash Boy! Ten
Owner Sae Taiga (Dash Boy! Ten)
Kit Kudou (New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids)
The Tiger Zap (Japanese: タイガーザップ, Taigā Zappu) is a Super Mini 4WD car released by Tamiya on October 31, 1997.

It was featured in the manga Dash Boy! Ten as Seki Taiga's machine. It was also featured in the manga New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids as Kit Kudou's first machine.

General info Edit

The Tiger Zap features the wedge-shaped, open-wheel body design. On the front, the front axis cover of the chassis and the part of the batteries were exposed, provide better heat dissipation. On the rear of the side fenders, there's two pairs of the exhaust-port props.

All variant were equipped with the large diameter 3-spoke TZ Super-type wheels paired with Avante-type slick tires. It doesn't come with a standard motor.

Tiger Zap Edit

The original Tiger Zap features the metal gray body color with yellow and black stripe-styled body decals on it. It sports the blue canopy.

It was equipped with the gun metal gray wheels and black tires. A special variant of the regular TIger Zap, released on April 20, 2013, comes with the gold plated large diameter 3-spoke MS I wheels in addition to the standard ones. Both variants doesn't come with a standard motor.

Limited Edition Edit

The yellow-colored Limited Edition variant features the yellow body color, with black stripe-styled body decals.

It was equipped with the yellow wheels and black tires. It also includes a pair of FDK-made alkaline batteries.

In the manga Edit

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Dash Boy! Ten Edit

The Tiger Zap was made after Taiga loses his Shadow Boomerang in a race against Rei Ganma and his Ray Hawk-Gamma.

It is unknown how unique this Mini 4WD car is as the manga was put into hiatus following Tokuda's health issue.

New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids Edit

In both storylines, Kit owns a customized Tiger Zap. The performances is comparable to Kakeru's Ray Hawk-Gamma, except that Kit did not shave weight from the bodyshell as Kakeru does.

It was later replaced by the Cross-Tiger VR in the story.

Technical info Edit

Length: 147 mm

Width: 90 mm

Height: 38 mm

Chassis: Super TZ Chassis

Gear Set(s): 5:1 and 4:1

Trivia Edit

  • The bodyshell of the Tiger Zap is one of the TZ-compatible bodyshells that are not compatible with the AR Chassis due to its design.

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