Torque-Tuned Motor





No. 25012 (TT1/1st version)
15134 (TT1/Later versions)
15484 (TT2)
15346 (TT1 PRO)
15487 (TT2 PRO)
Release Date 1992 (TT1)
2006 (TT1 PRO)
2015 (TT2/TT2 PRO)
Parts type Motor
Motor Specfication
Rev Torque-Tuned Motor
Non-load: 13,600rpm (1st version), 14,300rpm (Later versions)
Load: 12,000rpm
Torque-Tuned 2 Motor
Non-load: N/A
Load: 12,300 to 14,700rpm
Torque-Tuned Motor PRO
Non-load: N/A
Load: 12,000rpm
Torque-Tuned 2 Motor PRO
Non-load: 14,400rpm
Load: 12,200rpm
Torque 14.5g-cm (TT1/1st version)
15.3 to 20.4g-cm (TT1/Later versions)
1.6 to 2.0mN-m (TT2)
14.5g-cm (TT1 PRO)
1.7 to 2.1mN-m (TT2 PRO)
Electric consumption 1,200mA (TT1 1st version/TT1 PRO)
1,300 to 1,700mA (TT1/Later versions)
1.7 to 2.0A (TT2/TT2 PRO)
Weight 17g (TT1/TT2)
19.2g (TT1 PRO/TT2 PRO)
Manufacturer(s) Mabuchi Motor (TT1)

The Torque-Tuned Motor (Japanese: トルクチューンモーター, Toruku Chūn Mōtā) is a series of Mini 4WD motors manufactureed by Mabuchi Motor and later SMC Motor and released by Tamiya. It was originally introduced as a Grade-Up Parts for the Mini F minicar.

General info[edit | edit source]

As its name implies, it is a torque-focused motor and has higher torque but lower power when compare to Rev-Tuned Motor.

The original version of the Torque-Tuned Motor has the Mini-F label as it was originally marketed as an upgrade part for the Mini-F. The second version changed the label to replace the word 'Mini-F' with '4WD' (as in Mini 4WD). The current version has the word '4WD' removed from the label and the empty space has been filled with the larger-size of the words 'Torque-Tuned Motor'.

All Torque-Tuned Motors have a neon-orange endbell cap and silver metal housing. Only the original Torque-Tuned Motor PRO came with the brass pinion gears attached.

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