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The Truckin' Mini 4WD (Japanese: トラッキンミニ四駆, Torakkin Mini Yonku) series is a Mini 4WD car line-up introduced by Tamiya in December 1990.

As its name implies, it features pick-up truck bodyshells. Featured in this line-up is the Truckin' Chassis, which is basically a retooled Type-3 Chassis with added side body mounts.

With just 2 car releases (not counting Premium releases), it is the shortest Mini 4WD line-up ever in Mini 4WD history.

Following the beginning of the 3rd Mini 4WD boom in 2010, Tamiya re-released the original pair of Truckin' Mini 4WD cars. 3 years later, the Premium variants were released with the AR Chassis.

List of Mini 4WD cars

  • Sunny-Shuttle (Normal, Premium) (Truckin' Chassis, AR Chassis) (Released in December 1990)
  • Jolly-Joker (Normal, Premium) (Truckin' Chassis, AR Chassis) (Released in December 1990)
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