Type-2 Chassis

The Type-2 Chassis (タイプ2シャーシ) is the second Type Chassis released by Tamiya in 1989 with the release of Avante Jr.

The chassis is different than the Type-1 Chassis due the having longer wheelbase and the motor is placed differently. Large wheels, low-profile slick tires as well as guide rollers are standards for this chassis. It also introduce the use of brass/plastic bearings, and those can be replaces with either metal bearings or ball bearings.

The motor mount and gear box are redesigned so it will be very easy to maintaines the motor and gears. Battery clipper is now standard with this chassis.

While it may be good for racing, it has few problems: The first is that most bodies designed for Type-1 Chassis are not compatible with the new chassis due to having longer wheelbase and the way how the motor is placed. Secondly, it is not compatible with some tune-up parts at the time of its release. Finally, its front bumper, much like every Type series chassis, is prone to breaks.

Performance-wise, it performs better than the Type-1. Despite this it have poor acceleration performance due to its long wheelbase (which are shared with Type-4 Chassis, Super-TZ Chassis and Super-TZ-X Chassis)

The design of Type-2 would later update into Type-4 Chassis.

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