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Type-3 Chassis

The Type-3 Chassis (タイプ3シャーシ) is a Mini 4WD chassis released by Tamiya. It was first equipped with the Rising Bird.

General info

The Type-3 is the updated and improved version of the Type-1 Chassis.

Many features from the Type-2 Chassis, such as brass/plastic bearing, battery clip and guide rollers. are standard for this chassis. In additions, holes are made to the chassis to dissipates heats and reduce weights. The ground gear and propeller shaft's position has been modified to minimized the power loss. Both the front bumper and the side-guards now has the additional screw holes for guide rollers.

However, since it is the updated version of Type-1, the chassis is still having the risk of being flip over because of its high ground-clearance, which can be solved by using either the rear roller stay parts or using the low gear ratio setup.

Technical info

Length/Width/Wheelbase: 127 mm/81 mm/82 mm
Ground clearance: Unknown
Driveshaft's length: 60 mm
Compatible gear set(s): 4:1 (through Competition Gear Set), 5:1, 6.4:1, 8.75:1, 11.2:1
Terminal type: A-type terminal
Weight (Chassis frame only): Unknown


  • Rising Bird, the very first Mini 4WD car with the Type-3 Chassis, have its chassis molded in red, making it the first non-limited edition Mini 4WD car to have such.
  • The Type-3 is the only chassis that can be use the Competition Gear Set GUP in the official Mini 4WD race tournament.