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The Ultra Burning Circuit 2016 (Japanese: ウルトラバーニングサーキット2016, Urutora Bāningu Sākitto 2016) is a Mini 4WD circuit built by Tamiya for the 2016 season of Tamiya Japan Cup.

General info

The Ultra Burning Circuit, like many recent race-tournament-use circuits before it, has more technical sections.

The first section after the right corner is the Quick Turn, a 35-degree bank corner section. It is followed by the tilt-placed Glide Bank 45 section.

The Double Dragon section after it is the second most hardest section as it was the double slope sections combine as one. The car could either course out or flip over if the car's stability while jumping is not stable. The car could also course out if the car is going too fast and didn't land properly before the New Era U-turn section.

After the single straight part and the left corner is The Alps section, combined wtih the linear Eiger Slope uphill part, a single straight part and the Eiger Step downhill part. It is the most hardest section of the circuit, as one unstable landing could cause the car to course out or flip over.

Following after the left U-turn is the Vertical Changer, which is the 3rd most hardest sections for the car in the last lane. The single-lane part is the near 90-degree bank corner, as such the car in the last lane must go faster to pass through the section or it will stuck in the middle of the section.

The last section after the 2-part straight parts is the Fujitsu SSS section, which is the multiple corner section. The finish line will be crossed after passing the section.

For the final stage that was held on October 16 at Toyota MEGA WEB showroom (located in Koto, Tokyo, Japan), the normal curve parts on the Fujitsu SSS section was replaced by the digital curve parts, thus increased the difficulty of the circult.

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