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The Ultra Great Dash Circuit (Japanese: ウルトラグレートダッシュサーキット, Urutora Gurēto Dasshu Sākitto) is a Mini 4WD circuit built by Tamiya for the 1988 season of Tamiya Japan Cup.

General info

The Ultra Great Dash Circuit is the lengthen version of the smaller Great Dash Circuit, and as such layouts are similar. The Ultra Great Dash Circuit was used in the final rounds of every Japan Cup stages held in 1988.

After a start/goal line and 2 straights, the car enters the left curve, and then into the jump section. The car then passes through a straight, a left U-turn, a right curve, a straight, a reverse light S-curve, two straights and a left curve. After that, the car enters the basic lane-changer section. After passing through a straight, a left U-turn, a straight, a right U-turn, a straight and a left curve, the start/goal line will be crossed.

In 2018, a modern takes on the Great Dash Circuit, named Classic Circuit 2018, was made for the 2018 season of Japan Cup.

In media

Mini 4WD Hyper Dash Grand Prix

The Ultra Great Dash Circuit, along with the Super Cyclone Circuit and the Victory Aero Circuit, are featured in the time-limited Japan Cup Classic events. The Ultra Great Dash Circuit was used in the 3rd stage in the event race that was held between August 14 to 16, 2020.

As with real-life, the left U-turn curve right after the jump section is where players' cars were coursed out at the start of the race due to going too fast and/or being too bouncy after landing. Because of this, the use of any motor above the Hyper Mini Motor is not recommended.

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