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This is a list of [[Super Mini 4WD|Super Mini-4WD]] cars and [[Mighty Mini 4WD|Mighty Mini-4WD]] cars. The Super Mini-4WD series mainly focuses on Mini-4WD cars from ''[[The Wind Racer! Otokogi]]'' and ''[[Dash Boy! Ten]]''. And the Mighty Mini-4WD series mainly focuses on Mini-4WD cars from ''[[New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids|New Generation Racer Mini 4-Kids]]'' and ''[[Future Racer V-Twin]]''. Most of the Mini-4WD cars on this list are the cars that have been officially released by Tamiya.
== Super Mini-4WD (1993 – 1997) ==
=== [[The Wind Racer! Otokogi]] (1993 – 1995) ([[Zaurus Tokuda]]) ===
file:LibertyEmperor.jpg|[[Liberty Emperor]]<br />(Chassis: [[Super-1 Chassis|Super-1]])<br />(Released in June 1993)<br />(Owned by Jingi Otokogi)
file:TomGhody.jpg|[[Tom Ghody Special]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in November 1993)<br />(Owned by Tom Ghody)
file:PoseidonXBlackSpecial.jpg|[[Poseidon-X]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in November 1993)<br />(Owned by Ryou Hayami)
file:ShaoBaiRon.jpg|[[Shao Bai Ron]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in April 1994)<br />(Owned by Hakurou Ohhinata)
file:BigBangGhost.jpg|[[Big Bang Ghost]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in November 1994)<br />(Owned by Baron Ghost)
=== [[Dash Boy! Ten]] (1995 – 1997) (Zaurus Tokuda) ===
file:Boomerang10.jpg|[[Boomerang-10]]<br />(Chassis: [[Super-1 Chassis|Super-1]])<br />(Released in June 1995)<br />(Owned by Taihei 'Ten' Tenka)<br />(Replaced by Astro-Boomerang)
file:BoomerangGamma.jpg|[[Boomerang Gamma]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in November 1995)<br />(Owned by Rei Gama)<br />(Replaced by Ray Hawk-Gamma)
file:AstroBoomerang.jpg|[[Astro-Boomerang]]<br />(Chassis: Super-1)<br />(Released in February 1996)<br />(Owned by Taihei 'Ten' Tenka)<br />(Replaced by Thunder Boomerang W10)
file:StratoVector.jpg|[[Strato Vector]]<br />(Chassis: [[Super-FM Chassis|Super FM]])<br />(Released in July 1996)<br />(Owned by Souichirou Iota)
file:BlackStalker.jpg|[[Black Stalker]]<br />(Chassis: [[Super TZ Chassis|Super TZ]])<br />(Released in January 1997)<br />(Owned by Jou Burado)
file:ThunderBoomerangW10.jpg|[[Thunder Boomerang W10]]<br />(Chassis: Super TZ)<br />(Released in March 1997)<br />(Owned by Taihei 'Ten' Tenka)
file:RayHawkGamma.jpg|[[Ray Hawk-Gamma]]<br />(Chassis: Super TZ)<br />(Released in July 1997)<br />(Owned by Rei Gama)
file:TigerZap.jpg|[[Tiger Zap]]<br />(Chassis: Super TZ)<br />(Released in October 1997)<br />(Owned by Seki Taiga)
== Mighty Mini-4WD (1998 – 2000) ==
=== [[New Generation Racer Mini 4 Kids|New Generation Racer Mini 4-Kids]] (1998 – 1999) ([[Akira Himekawa]]) ===
file:DynaHawkGX.jpg|[[Dyna-Hawk GX]]<br />(Chassis: [[Super X Chassis|Super X]])<br />(Released in May 1998)<br />(Owned by Kakeru Takagami)
file:CrossTigerVR.jpg|[[Cross-Tiger VR]]<br />(Chassis: Super X)<br />(Released in August 1998)<br />(Owned by Kit Kodou)
file:LaserGill.jpg|[[Laser-Gill]]<br />(Chassis: Super X)<br />(Released in December 1998)<br />(Owned by Jack)
=== [[Future Racer V-Twin]] (1999 – 2000) ([[Kouichi Mitaka]]) ===
file:Variatron.jpg|[[Variatron]]<br />(Chassis: [[VS Chassis|VS]])<br />(Released in July 1999)<br />(Owned by Bui 'V' Tendou)
file:SynchroMasterZ9.jpg|[[Synchro-Master Z9]]<br />(Chassis: VS)<br />(Released in December 1999)<br />(Owned by Leon Kazama)

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