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; Coming Soon
; Coming Soon
* [[Dual Hybrid G Magnum]] (Coming in 2017)
* [[Dual Hybrid G Magnum]] (Fully Cowled Mini-4WD) (Chassis: AR) (Coming in 2018)
* [[Great Magnum Revolver]] (Fully Cowled Mini-4WD) (Chassis: [[FM-A Chassis|FM-A]]) (Coming in 2018)
===Sonic Series (Owned by Retsu Seiba)===
===Sonic Series (Owned by Retsu Seiba)===
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; Coming Soon
; Coming Soon
* [[Spin-Axe Zero]] (Coming in 2017)
* [[Spin-Axe Zero]] (Fully Cowled Mini-4WD) (Coming in 2018)
===Proto-Saber Series (Owned by J)===
===Proto-Saber Series (Owned by J)===

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This is a list of Mini-4WD cars from Bakusou Kyoudai Let's & Go!, A Mini-4WD manga/anime created by Tetsuhiro Koshita that mainly focuses on Fully Cowled Mini-4WD cars, Mechanical Mini-4WD cars and Aero Mini-4WD cars (Expect for the My First Big Specials which mostly focus on Mini-4WD PRO cars). Most of the Mini-4WD cars on this list are the cars that have been officially released by Tamiya.

TRF Victorys (Protagonists)

Magnum Series (Owned by Gō Seiba)

Coming Soon

Sonic Series (Owned by Retsu Seiba)

Tridagger Series (Owned by Ryo Takaba)

Spin-Axe Series (Owned by Tokichi Mikuni)

Coming Soon

Proto-Saber Series (Owned by J)

TRF Special (Owned by Dr. Tsuchiya) (Manga only)

Z-Numbers (Owned by the Ichimonji brothers)

Ōgami Corps/Borzoi School (Antagonists)

  • Adean (Mass-produced Mini-4WD)
  • P'keta (Owned by Sakyo Majima) (Anime only)
  • Phoenix Stinger (Upgraded version of Fire Stinger) (Anime only)

World Grand Prix Participants

  • Bergmasse (Owned by Eisen Wolf) (Germany) (Replaced by Bergkaiser) (Anime only)
  • Omega-01 (Owned by CCP Silver Fox) (Russia) (Anime only)
  • Native Sun (Owned by the AR Boomerangs) (Australia) (Anime only)
  • White Night (Owned by the Odins) (Norway) (Anime only)
  • Savanna Zebra (Owned by the Savanna Soldiers) (Africa) (Replaced by Beak Spider Zebra) (Anime only)
  • Kong Long (Owned by Light Scorpion) (China) (Replaced by Shining Dragon) (Anime only)
  • Jammin' RG (Owned by the Cool Caribeans) (Jamaica)
  • Shining Dragon (Owned by Light Scorpion) (China) (Remold of Shining Scorpion) (Video Game only)
  • Chevalier de Rose (Owned by Les Vainqueurs) (France) (Video Game only)
  • Pyramidal Sphinx (Owned by Ancient Force) (Egypt) (Video Game only)


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