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  • GyanARTrucker

    First ever blog for me to type and it has to be concerning Mini4wd. LOL.

    Ever since Tamiya released their Trucking Chassis sries cars back in the 90's, I made a bit of a name for myself by racing just those cars against other competitors using "normal" cars such as the Astute or Neo Burning Sun. My motto back then was, If i win, then it'll be remembered... but if I lose, i'm still remembered. ^_^.

    Will post my racing adventures (or misadventures) of my current fleet of AR chassis with Jolly Joker, Sunny Shuttle, and assorted bodies from Wild Mini4wd series as time goes on. Watch this space. ^_^

    P.S. The truck in the pic is a Juggernaut 2 Jr body attached to an AR Chassis. At the time the pic was taken, I haven't installed my setup for a "ProS…

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