If you frequently visits the Mini 4WD Wiki and reading the car articles, you might came across the line like this:

The (insert car name here) is a fictional Mini 4WD car that appear in (insert work name here).

It come to my attention that someone has put the Mini 4WD lineup categories into the Mini 4WD car articles that are about the ficitonal cars (cars that doesn't have the kit or bodyshell releases by Tamiya). This will only causes some confusion to the visitor who visits the wiki.

My advices: If you came across such car articles, Do not, in any way, add the car lineup categories into the fictional car articles. Always checking the Tamiya official website or Tamiya America official website to see if the car has been released/was planned to be release or not. (If possible, checking the official Mini 4WD Twitter or Hiroyuki Takei's Twitter, but be warned on the latter as he's also posts Shaman King or Nekogahara-related posts there.)

Misused categories on such articles will be removed. Additionally, affected articles will be locked for counter-measure if this thing happen again.

This is Yuuyatails, signing out.

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