Wild Chassis

The Wild Chassis (ワイルドシャーシ) is a Mini 4WD chassis released by Tamiya in May 1987. It debuted with the release of Monster Beetle Jr. and is exclusive to the Wild Mini 4WD series.

General info

The Wild Chassis features a monster truck-like chassis frame design.

The motor was mounted into the middle of the chassis frame, located just below the battery casing. It has the very high ground clearance.

The drivetrain is a direct-type four-wheel-drive, with the gearing system consisting of one pinion gear, two primary counter gears, two secondary counter gears and two spur gear wheels (attached to the left wheels). There is a wheelie bar attached on behind the chassis to prevent the Mini 4WD cars from flipping over while doing wheelies.

All Wild Mini 4WD cars were usually equipped with the yellow wheels and lug-treaded, semi-pneumatic monster truck tires. The optional wheel roller parts can be attached to the wheels for on-road racing.

The concept of the direct-type four-wheel-drive drivetrain was later reused for the Mini 4WD PRO series.

Technical info

Chassis Data
Length 142 mm
Width 125 mm
Wheelbase 80 mm
Ground Clearance 18 mm
Driveshaft Length 73 mm (eariler batch)
83 mm (current)
Compatible Gear Set(s) 75:1, 18:1
Roller Down Thrust Angle N/A
Terminal Type Wild-type
Weight 190 g (without batteries)

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